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We are proud to be recognized by the state of Oregon as a Patient Centered Primary Care Home. We are leading the way in healthcare by adopting this model of patient care. The Patient Centered Primary Care Home is a model of family practice medicine which recommits to the care of the patient. The model is centered around you, the patient, being an actively involved part of your healthcare


As a patient of a Primary Care Home, you have a team of providers working alongside you to better your health. Your team consists of your Primary Care Physician and other healthcare professionals such as  nurses, pharmacists, specialists, and counselors. Coordinated, comprehensive healthcare means you have a team of people working together for your whole health.


Having a team means you are more than a name on a clipboard. You work with your provider and your team continuously to make you a healthy, happy you. It also means your providers hold themselves accountable for your care and the care of your family. They hold themselves to higher standards because they care about you. They also make themselves available, through extended hours, on call-physicians, and patient portal accounts, so you have access to your health information when you need it.

(This video refers to "patient-centered medical homes." In Oregon, we call these Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes. They mean the same thing.)

Behavioral Health

Being healthy is more than just how you feel physically; your emotional health is important, too. Our clinic integrates behavioral health to keep your body and your mind healthy and happy.

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Welcome to our family! Learn how to prepare for your first appointment, find a practitioner, and get signed up for Patient Portal.

Medical Home

We are proud to lead the way in patient-centered medical treatment as a recognized Primary Care Home.

About Us

Our mission at Springfield Family Physicians is to deliver comprehensive health care to families and individuals in the communities of Springfield, Eugene and the surrounding areas.


We are committed to providing accessible, affordable, high-quality medical treatment to you and your family in a timely, caring and compassionate manner. And our dedication to excellence and integrity means you will always be treated with the respect and personalized attention you deserve.


We know that achieving optimal health is a partnership between you and us and we look forward to working together with you in providing you the care and guidance you and your family need.

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